VW Huittinen welcomes Mathias & Dylan for 6 weeks

Mathias and Dylan are both students in their 3rd year of Car Maintenance in Lycee Paul Mathou at Gourdan Polignan. They are doing their training period 6 weeks in the car dealership  Volkswagen/Seat – Huittisten Laatuauto Oyn, located in Huittinen ( around 10 000 inhabitants ).

This car dealership is composed of 6 big areas where  25 employees work among them 10 are mechanics. 

Below Jouni Isotalo, after-sales manager,  poses with our trainees while holding the mug Paul Mathou.

  • Reception and shopAccueil - boutique

  • Showroom of new VW cars, with the last fully  loaded models
  • Showroom of second-hand vehicles
  • Showroom of new Seat cars, the last models too.
  • Spare parts store
  • Repair  workshop,  with  ten  2or4 post lifts, a laptop + diagnostic equipment by mechanics,  plus all special machines (wheel aligner, tyre changer, wheel balancer, …) and  shelving for specific tools  dedicated to Volkswagen/Seat/Audi/Skoda cars.

 » The company sells approximately 250 new cars a year and about 1200 second-hand ones. In 2017 mechanics’ team had 4821 cars  in  their hands.   We noticed that the rhythm of work is intense but all the employees are very nice, and make the effort to speak to us in English and  some  of them  even used French words. In any case for us, everything takes place marvelously. Our training tutors Lauri and Jouni are very kind and  let us work in autonomy while being present in case of difficulty. There is a good working atmosphere. « 

Besides the works of common  mechanics, we also did research of breakdown on  injection systems in particular.

Interesting to also discover  specificities bound to scandinavian countries  as   reheating systems for both engine and passengers  compartment, otherwise it would be very difficult to start by-20°C