Review of the training course of Léo in Finland

Léo is in his 2nd year of Car Maintenance at  the lycee Paul Mathou and has just ended his training course of 6 weeks in the garage Karla Pori Mäkipuistontie located between Pori and Ulvila ( Finland).
 Karla is a network of 6 automotive repair shops,   distributed in the South of Finland. Léo joined a team of three people on the site of Pori Mäkipuistontie : Ville Salmi   : service manager + two mechanics Matti and Olavi (on the right below).

YD : Léo, could you tell us more about the company ?

Léo :  the company is called  Karla,   and makes periodic and annual maintenance for all motor vehicles, including quick maintenance without spare parts.  There is a big workshop with 4 post lifts : 2 scissors post lifts, 1 « two post » lift and 1 « four post » lift. They use diagnostic equipments .

YD : What about communication with the team  ? Did you meet difficulties?

Léo : Very amazing experience, some difficulties to make myself  understood but basically fine !

YD : How’s your job so far? Did you acquire new technical skills or make any specific jobs ?

Léo : I had the opportunity to weld besides some various mechanical works (brakes repair, replacement of shock absorbers, clutch, timing belt,..) .

Léo : I want to really thank all the Karla team for their support and for showing me how they manage in Finland to accomodate with so cold temperatures (heater&warm up systems, studded tires).